Each Adolescent Junkie project will see a new artist / designer putting their unique touch into our pieces. 

D.O.D ~ Dizney on Drugs:
For our first feature, designer AbiVK was inspired by the likes of Disney characters, enthused with the idea of being on a psychedelic trip.
This idea came from the fact that classic Disney movies are quiet simply a childhood staple for everyone. Most of us all remember planting ourselves in front of the TV and played our Disney VHS tapes again and again until they wore out.
We've brought the nostalgic feelings back! The psychedelic undertones are subtle, but hard to miss. From Alice in Wonderlands trip down the rabbit hole to the markets in Agrabar in Aladdin where you can find just about anything! As we grew up, it seems only fitting that our favourite characters matured a little too…

Our dream-chasers collection stems from the heart of London, where the ambitious, inspired and loving souls come together in fast-paced anarchy to achieve their goals. We've introduced some key phrases to keep everyone showing LOVE for their HUSTLE, to INSPIRE and stay FIERCE along the way.

Anime Range:
This collection was created by a London designer called Miles Khan. He infuses his pill art work with classic anime and these pieces are just great!

FOODIE 2020:
If you love food puns, you'll love this collection. Great animated cartoons of your favourite food making this collection great to show off!